Ideas+ Technology = Business Value

Our reason for being

To turn your ideas into working applications that matter, software that adds business value.


At Up2, we have been riding the technology waves since 1994. It is our passion to stay tuned so we can assist you in the most efficient (new) way to realise and support your idea.

We are technical people, but we are inquisitive towards business needs. Our conviction is that knowing those needs is eminent for delivering business value.

And when we are able to deliver that value, then our software matters. Most likely you will call us again. And that is what drives us!


Understanding business value of an idea allows us to work to a common goal.

We can look at an idea from different angels. We have full stack teams specialised in a technology such as Microsoft, PHP/MySQL and JAVA or a specific framework (e.g. Symfony or Drupal).

We work Agile, SCRUM, because it has proven us to tackle challenges more effectively and faster, than trying to solve puzzles all at once.

With continuous delivery by our teams we make sure to be flexible and to feel responsible for the results also after we have delivered.


We build a broad range of web and mobile applications often in partnership with parties agencies and consultants.

We are strong in system integration. We like to integrate with other systems and to build web services and API’s.

We love the Internet of Things (IoT) and the impact it will have. With our applied knowledge we can show you the way in the world of IoT.

Our Team

Joep Romijn

Joep Romijn

General Management

Susanne van der Zon

Susanne van der Zon

Office Management Amsterdam

Want to join?

Want to join?

have a look at our open job positions.

And many many more…

And many many more…


Some great ideas do not have sufficient funding to see the light of day. As a social responsible company Up2 cares for these ideas, and some of them we support. Check out our sponsored projects.

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Het Oranje Spandoek

How we brought 35.000 Dutch fans to the World Cup in South Africa!


Website for the Malaria-No-More foundation to attract donors and show projects

Jane Goodall Institute

Website for the foundation for Chimpansee rescue and protection

Girls Forecast

Guys, this is how you can prepare for PMS!

The Johan Cruyff Foundation

The 14 ambassadors of Johan Cruyff proudly sponsored by Up2

Child Helpline International

Extensive toolset for data collection and reporting on the state of children in our world

My Bladder Buddy app

An app with training exercises: made by a child for fellow children with a specific diability

SAM – Social Amsterdam

Child help! one central place to quickly find assistance for children in need of help

Do you have a project we should sponsor?

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