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Skype to replace Live Messenger

Artur Kirkoriyan
by Artur Kirkoriyan on Tue 15 January 2013 No comments

One of the most popular Microsoft programs for video calls and chat Windows Live Messenger will be closed on 15 March 2013. Its place will take no less popular communication program Skype, after Microsoft acquired it in October 2011 by several billion dollars. It was one of the biggest deals in the IT industry in 2011. This strategic step of the Microsoft let the company not only to absorb one of the major competitors of Windows Live Messenger, but also gained nearly 405 million users one part of which are business customers who use paid services of Skype, taking into account that Microsoft has plans to integrate Skype with its corporate Communicator Lync, it becomes almost clear that the Company will gain a large market share in Internet communications.

Microsoft has started to send letters to their customers informing about the deadline of Windows Live Messenger. The current customers can migrate their contacts very easily. It is enough to download the last version of Skype and log in to their Microsoft account and their contacts will be transferred automatically. All this talks about a very good long-term strategy of the giant Microsoft, but whether there will be more surprises we will understand in the future.

Artur KirkoriyanSkype to replace Live Messenger

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