From an off- to online service proposition for better customer service and lower operational costs



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About this project

VOC is specialized in training and education for accident damage repair for vehicles and caravans.

The organisation has relationships with almost all damage repair companies in The Netherlands, for which they design, plan and execute training plans based on the latest technology developments.

Our role

When we met VOC, the organisation had a simple “Welcome to VOC” website. Together we made a plan to convert their offline and paper based processes to a fully online service proposition. The aim of this proposition was to allow VOC customers to do all their communication, selection and planning of training and curriculum management online.

And so it happened. We build a Scrum team to build a new portal which fully integrates with the back-office of the organisation.

The result

Improved customer service, significant reduction of operational costs and hopefully soon an increase in turnover.


Client: VOC

Partner: Link Design

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