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Multi-site platform to simplify management of 2 large portals for the Dutch employer organisations




Up2 TechnologyVNO-NCW / MKB Nederland

About this project

VNO-NCW and MKB are the 2 main employer organisations in The Netherlands. The organisations merged their operations. The combined online team was faced with 2 extensive sites using different and outdated content management systems (CMS).

A large contest was started to select a new supplier. The starting points for the contest were to define a new online strategy for both the VNO-NCW and the MKB brands and to define a new architecture to simplify management of the websites.

As partners Up2 and design agency Link Design joined forces. We won the contest!

Our role

Our role was to design the new online architecture and to build the responsive websites for the 2 brands. We chose a multi-site set-up of the Drupal CMS. The advantage of this set-up are:

  • 2 large websites with each having its own identity.
  • One administrative back-office to manage both sites.
  • Option to simply share content between sites, so one time content entry only.
  • Re-use of functionality between sites.

The result

2 newly branded and fully responsive websites with simplified operations for the combined online team to manage the portals.


Client: VNO-NCW / MKB Nederland

Partner: Link Design

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