The Grid – By Bourne Design

A smart tool to distribute house styles and manage corporate identities

TheGrid - tool for house style management and distribution

Personalised client home page with powerful search

TheGrid: personalised client home page

Perfect usability allowing fast and easy navigation

TheGrid: perfect usability allowing easy navigation

The Process of building TheGrid: From functional design to mock-up

TheGrid: functional design


TheGrid: Mock-up

Up2 TechnologyThe Grid – By Bourne Design

About this project

Bourne is a design and communications agency. The result of their projects is often extensive design output for house styles.

Some years ago Bourne developed an online tool, TheGrid. With this tool Bourne enabled clients such as the Van Gogh Museum to manage and distribute house style elements and corporate identity guidelines. The traditional paper based manuals were no longer needed.

However, Bourne felt the first release of TheGrid no longer met their requirements and they designed a new one.

Our role

Up2 specialists were invited to review the new design for TheGrid and to debate a technical solution. We were impressed by the new set-up of TheGrid, its simplicity in structure and navigation. Together we refined the functional flow of the tool.

Up2’s technical challenge was to find an affordable solution with user friendly features to maintain the design files for TheGrid. Instead of a custom build solution we decided to use WordPress and build additional custom WordPress plug-ins to do the job. Our motivation was:

  • Extensive out of the box functionalities
  • Solid Open Source community which provides improvements all the time
  • No vendor-lock-in for Bourne

The result

A complete online tool for organisations to manage and distribute corporate house styles within their organisation. TheGrid provides extensive functionality and powerful usability for clients to easily find, view and download files for their projects.


Partner: Bourne Design

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