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Serious (SaaS) product upgrade and usability improvement to secure future product sales



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About this project

Track and Trace is a successful (SaaS) product of Ram Mobile Data for IoT fleet management. The system provides companies with detailed information about vehicle locations and routes. This information is used for various operations such as route planning, expense reporting, hour registration, invoicing, fuel usage and CO2 measurements, driver behavior assessment, etc.

The product had a long history and many functionalities were added over time. The technology used became ‘rusty’ and newer competitor products looked much sexier. So it was time to revamp the product.

Our role

Up2 was consulted and chosen to upgrade the complete IoT system interface. As part of the selection process we built a prototype. We showed how we could improve the design and usability of the product substantially using the latest front-end techniques. We also showed how to improve the (user) performance of the system.

As a result we were awarded the project to rebuild the user interface of the product.

The result

A re-engineered system interface with a new user experience with smooth zoom, full screen views, panning, drawing on the map, easily tracking cars, and many other features.


Website: www.track-and-trace.nl

Partner: RAM Mobile Data

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