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About this project

The Dutch national railroad company NS offers door-to-door travelling services to its clients. One of these services is the OV-Fiets (The public transport rent a bike service), a cost-effective annual bike rental membership scheme. It offers bikes for rent at around 250 locations in the Netherlands.

The OV-Fiets scheme has over 100,000 members and is used by many people in addition to their train trips. It’s simple, you travel somewhere by train and on arrival you pick-up a bike to continue to your destination.

Our role

Up2 was asked to build a new platform (back-office) that handles thousands of transactions per day between the many systems in the OV-Fiets infrastructure. We were selected because of our deep (web) system integration skills in highly secure environments.

The new back-office is the key system behind the complete infrastructure of sites, apps, bike terminals at locations, accounting software etc. It holds key transaction, account and bicycle availability data. The back-office is a high performance platform with many SOAP services that interface to all other systems.

The result

A smart platform that allows easy integration of new (third party travelling) services (such as rent-a-car). Some features:

  • Fast and reliable backoffice that handles thousands of transactions daily.
  • History of the changes
  • Detailed error logging which greatly facilitates tracking of incidents
  • Communication with multiple external parties
  • Detailed MSDN style documentation of the backoffice services


Client: Nationale Spoorwegen


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