Digital personal environment with bespoke design, custom development and multiple systems integration


About this project

mijn●RINO was the next project for RINO●amsterdam. This time the assignment was to build a personal digital portal for RINO users that would connect all the RINO●amsterdam systems and gradually phase out the existing learning portal for short courses.

Unification both visually and technically was needed since each department of RINO●amsterdam has its own workflow and uses different software.

The backend of RINO●amsterdam would serve as the only data source and rino.nl would join the new ecosystem as well.

Our role

In joint brainstorm sessions with RINO●amsterdam we have defined the scope and challenges of the project followed by wireframes, designs and technical investigations. At the end of the intake phase the concept of mijn●RINO was born.

Up2 had an all-round role coordinating, advising, designing and developing.

The result

  • Designs elaborated in-house
  • Custom headless application with backend in PHP (Symfony framework) and frontend in ReactJS
  • A separate authentication application (PHP) for Single-Sign-On
  • Statistic tool to monitor the data flow between the systems
  • Translation tool to edit labels directly in mijn●RINO


mijn●RINO has become a central place where students, teachers and staff of RINO●amsterdam can view and edit their personal data, access their course/education information, get personalized recommendations for courses and make their own wish list on rino.nl.

Technically wise mijn●RINO occupies a central place too serving as a conductor between all the systems of RINO●amsterdam (FileMaker backend, Drupal website, Moodle LMS).

The project continues with new functionalities pinned on a roadmap (initial version went live in October 2017).


Website: mijn.rino.nl

Client: RINO●amsterdam

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