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About this project

The United Nations assists the so-called Least Developed Countries (LDC’s) in building trade relations and removing obstacles in trade information.

Project EpingAlert was started to see how important trade information from the World Trade Organisation (WTO) can be captured and disseminated to producers of products in the LDC’s.

Such trade information is essential for producers to anticipate on time any changes in export requirements that countries in the world may impose.

Our role

Up2 has been technical consultant to the UN for years.

For this project we were initially consulted to assess the technical and budget feasibility to obtain relevant trade information from the WTO. This was completed successfully.

Subsequently we defined the requirements for successful trade information exchange and collaboration between international and national stakeholders.

This requirements definition was done together with the UN, the WTO and a number of specialists from pilot countries, such as Australia, Uganda, Nepal and Lesotho.

Together with many stakeholders we designed the trade information system named “ePingalert”.

A minimal viable and public product was delivered in just 4 sprints of 2 weeks. After that about 8 additional sprints were executed to build a complete trade information and collaboration platform.

Each sprint delivered a new public version of ePingalert and in each new sprint improvements were defined based on the latest field test results.

The result

  • Improved trade information dissemination from individual countries to the local producers around the world.
  • Capacity building for local producers through collaboration so they have a better chance to understand the contents and impact of trade information.
  • More and more international supporters during the project that have started to use ePingalert.


Website: www.epingalert.org

Client: United Nations

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