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About this project

The core business of Ambulance Services is to help patients and when needed to transport them. In 2011, to meet the changing business requirements, they needed a more advanced business system to support the complex processes related to patient and financial workflow of the trips.

At the time there were no existing systems to meet the requirements. Together with our partner Navara we proposed an advanced web and mobile application architecture which resulted in the project we are still responsible for today.

Our role

Up2 designed (functionally and technically) and built the complete solution, which is fully based on web technologies.

Critical parts of the application concern the integration with multiple external systems: collecting trips from police systems (911/112), using Track-and-trace services for distance calculation, VECOZO check for patients’ details, export and import to Vektis central organization for information and standards of the Dutch insurance companies), and integration with various financial systems such as Afas, MS Dynamics and Exact accounting.

The result

A complete new back office system which is used by the ambulance services to collect and store information about all the trips and personal and medical details of the patients. All information on trips and patients is now available on the ambulance and in the back-office.

Moreover the system supports to manage the financial operations with the insurance companies, hospital organizations, private persons and other organizations.

Process improvement has resulted in significant decline of work on trip administration.

Some specifics:

  • A robust n-tier application built with latest .Net technologies.
  • Rich desktop-like interface allowing user to quickly finish iterative tasks and find necessary data without clicking on multiple menus and screens;
  • Completely automated process of collecting and merging trips from Navara and GMS, complex workflow processes that facilitate financial users in processing and declaring trips to insurance companies and matching the financials with their accounting software;
  • Complete tracking of all the changes done in the system, auditing of sensitive medical data, high security access level of different user roles;
  • A separate administration part is developed in LightSwitch allowing to manage and view all the data and configurations in the system and providing complete visual tools of the customer support to see all data in  a separate interface.


Client: Dutch Ambulance Services

Partner: Navara

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