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About this project

CtrlWORK is a new generation of personal efficiency software developed with Microsoft .Net and the Windows Presentation Foundation. It measures people’s productivity when working with the computer and it advises on how to improve one’s efficiency while working. It provides information and tips about work position, health and time management. It also suggests using appropriate shortcut keys for doing your tasks faster and advises physical exercises for reducing the stress levels.

CtrlWORK is also a powerful communication tool within an organization. Company messages and news (including video) can be presented during suggested breaks or at specified times.

CtrlWORK is sometimes referred to as Break Software, which it is not. With Break Software the user is not in control of breaks. With CtrlWORK the user is always in control and the tool supports effective and healthy computer work.

Our role

Up2 Technology Architects were invited to think about the product development challenge. The wild ideas presented overwhelmed us at first, because a lot of technical matters needed to be figured out.

  • How to measure computer use in many of its dimensions?
  • How to deal with roaming user-profiles?
  • How far are we allowed to go on the Windows platform collecting data?
  • What performance and company network issues may we encounter?
  • How to do license management?

After a lot of R&D Up2 designed and built the application architecture. The application has been in use since 2009 and Up2 provides continuous application management and second level support. Many thousands of licenses have been sold by now.

The result

A complete client-server architecture consisting of the following software product components:

  • A Windows desktop user application
  • A data warehouse to collect user data
  • A reporting tool to analyze overall performance
  • A central administrator application to manage users, settings and computers
  • A synchronization infrastructure for distributing licenses, content and updates


Website: www.ctrlWORK.nl

Partner: Ergodirect International

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