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About this project

CRV is a global operating company specialised in herd improvement. CRV provides the expertise and online tools to help farmers improve their herds and business operations, from tracking the state of cows (e.g. milk production) to ordering the right sperm for cows in heat from the online shop.

CRV defined a new online strategy together with Call for Action. After a contest between various technical parties Up2 was selected to work with CRV and Call for Action.

Our role

Up2 designed and built the new web infrastructure, the websites, and integrated the existing online tools, such as the online shop for ordering sperm.

In addition a 24/7 service level agreement was implemented to secure CRV’s global operations at all times. Also management of numerous existing sites were taken over to provide CRV with a single service-window.

The result

A new global web infrastructure to better support CRV’s online operations.



Client: CRV

Partner: Call for Action

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