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Spring Global Mail

Client/server application to scan and process undelivered direct mail to lower operational costs

The Grid – By Bourne Design

A smart tool to distribute house styles and manage corporate identities

Het Oranje Spandoek

How we brought 35.000 Dutch fans to the World Cup in South Africa!


Website for the Malaria-No-More foundation to attract donors and show projects

Jane Goodall Institute

Website for the foundation for Chimpansee rescue and protection

Girls Forecast

Guys, this is how you can prepare for PMS!

The Johan Cruyff Foundation

The 14 ambassadors of Johan Cruyff proudly sponsored by Up2


In 5 weeks: rebuilding a critical website to improve operations and reduce expenses

My Joolz

High-end site and shop to configure and order your own custom pushchair


Personal Efficiency Software for office workers

RAM Mobile Data

Serious (SaaS) product upgrade and usability improvement to secure future product sales

Child Helpline International

Extensive toolset for data collection and reporting on the state of children in our world

My Bladder Buddy app

An app with training exercises: made by a child for fellow children with a specific diability


Improving quality of life for countryside communities


Security audits of trains: from paper to mobile


Building the infrastructure for insurance operations from scratch for a new online brand


From off- to fully online services, reducing costs and increasing sales


Now you can also select and buy your affordable eco-friendly house online


Luxurious, unique and Sparkling international jewelry webshop

SAM – Social Amsterdam

Child help! one central place to quickly find assistance for children in need of help

Dutch Government

Online visitors center for large infrastructural projects to improve public information sharing


Platform for trading solar energy between individuals, companies and small energy producers


Global web infrastructure for leading herd improvement company

National Railroad

High performance transaction platform to enable door-to-door travelling services


E-commerce platform to bundle European purchasing power between marketing professionals


The open platform for the Internet of Things

Dutch Ambulance Services

A complete business system to support ambulance operations, web integration all the way


From an off- to online service proposition for better customer service and lower operational costs

VNO-NCW / MKB Nederland

Multi-site platform to simplify management of 2 large portals for the Dutch employer organisations

United Nations / WTO

Alert system to improve worldwide dissemination of international trade information


A beautiful high-end portal for a unique travel organisation about dreams that may come true


Revamp of the corporate website with process automation


Digital personal environment with bespoke design, custom development and multiple systems integration

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