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First steps in Android development for a .Net developer

Danko Odrinski
by Danko Odrinski on Wed 30 January 2013 1 comment

At the end of 2012 but before the end of the world I decided to start making Android applications in my free time and bought my first smartphone – HTC One X.

As a .NET developer I downloaded Mono for Android and got started.

At Christmas holidays I managed to finish my first application. I began to investigate how to make my application ad supported. After some research I made an account in Google AdMob and downloaded the latest version of GoogleAdMobAdsSdk but didn’t succeed in importing it in my project. Unfortunately there were examples how to do this but with old versions of GoogleAdMobAdsSdk.

I decided to rewrite the application in Java. I downloaded ADT Bundle for Windows that includes everything you need to develop applications (more information here ) and got started. My opinion is that ADT Bundle for Windows is much better and it is worth the effort to write Android applications in its “native” language – Java. However I recommend .NET developers who want to develop Android applications to make their first application with Mono for Android.

In my experience it is absolutely necessary  to have a real Android device in order  to make and test an application.

Now I have my first android application in Java – you can see it here, but I have some doubts what my next application will be. A colleague was the first user who installed it on his phone.

Many thanks to everyone for their comments in Google Play.

Danko OdrinskiFirst steps in Android development for a .Net developer

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  • thomas - Wed 13 February 2013 reply

    Brilliant list, has made sourcing good content for reading and blogging much better, also some great inspiration in there.

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