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Developing Girls Forecast for iPhone

Martijn Hazelaar
by Martijn Hazelaar on Wed 24 October 2012 No comments

Since software development is a job mainly occupied by men, subjects that we complain about in the Up2 office can be put in two categories: bugs and girls. With both Svetlyo and myself being the exception here (we do like girls anytime), we felt obliged to help our fellow colleagues a bit. So we thought of a fun and friendly way to present useful PMS information in an app. Because we all know the symptoms of that… at least from the stories of our colleagues.

Thus, the idea and implementation of Girls Forecast came to be – a fancy native iPhone app that can predict the mood of any girl you add and to let you look at her good and bad periods.

Although the Girls Forecast app is rated 12+, it’s pretty harmless. And even quite accurate and funny, if you take the time to fill in some more details about your girl’s mood settings.

I’m not quite sure yet myself that knowing in advance what the ‘weather at home’ is going to be like helps a lot. But we are happily surprised that our Facebook fan page already has a few hundred likes and the app itself has been downloaded a few thousand times. With a good set of daily users, we think the benefits of using Girls Forecast are well worth checking it out.

Martijn HazelaarDeveloping Girls Forecast for iPhone

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