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Customizing Windows 8’s look and feel

Alexander Dragostinov
by Alexander Dragostinov on Fri 25 January 2013 1 comment

Windows 8 have brought different opinions among users. The users that use notepads or other touch screen devices say that win8 is has a real user friendly environment and it is easy to use. On the other side those who use desktop computers with a keyboard and mouse have the opinion that windows 8 is twisted and hard to get used to.

  1. Skip the start screen and disable the hotspots

When win8 loads you are taken to the new Start screen. If you want to get directly to the traditional desktop we all love and know, download this free tool called Skip Metro Suite. Once installed, launch the program and verify ‘Skip Start Screen’ is ticked.

You can notice that here you have the options to disable some or all of win8’s hotspots, letting you roll the mouse in the corners without any menus appearing.

  1. Restore the start button

The lack of the Start button in win 8 is very annoying, since most of the people are used to it. There are a lot of options to bring it back. I prefer those one that are free like Classic Shell. Once installed, go to options and pick the look of the start menu you’ve been used to.

There are a lot of other tricks you could use to bring the use and feel of win 7 which you liked. Visit Nick Peers post for making windows 8 look like windows 7 and you could find useful information of how to bring some features from win 7 and bypass others from win8. 

Alexander DragostinovCustomizing Windows 8’s look and feel

1 comment

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  • Martijn - Wed 20 March 2013 reply

    More then just look and feel. Thanks for the links, the tools work perfectly!

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